The Australian Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers' Association (ACIMA) is a non-profit industry association whose members play a key role in the on-going discussion by government and industry of building energy efficiency, climate change and greenhouse gas reduction.

ACIMA members manufacture and install more than 80% of Australia's cellulose insulation, and are accredited under State & Territory building regulations.

As well as having representation on various key Standards Australia thermal insulation committees, each ACIMA member is independently certified as complying with Australia's principal insulation standard AS/NZS 4859.1. 'Materials for the thermal insulation of buildings'.

Through international co-operation with cellulose insulation manufacturers' associations in the US and Europe, ACIMA members stay at the cutting edge of global cellulose insulation technology.

World's most environmentally friendly insulation.

Cellulose is the most environmentally friendly insulation in the world, because it's manufactured from 100% recycled paper using a low energy production process.

Other mainstream Australian insulation products are manufactured using raw materials which already have high embodied energy ratings, and have very high energy manufacturing processes using oil fired furnaces.

The cellulose insulation industry world-wide annually recycles millions of tonnes of fibrous waste paper products, with an annual contribution of tens of thousands of tonnes in Australia.

Waste disposal is a major logistical & environmental problem for large cities in Australia & around the globe. Cellulose is helping overcome that problem throughout Australia.

Over the past 50 plus years cellulose has been successfully installed in hundreds of thousands of homes throughout Australia and in millions of homes world-wide, particularly in the USA & Western Europe.

The right installation matters

Badly installed residential insulation will not achieve its advertised insulation performance.

By choosing cellulose manufactured & installed by an ACIMA member, you will avoid the widespread problem due to poor installation practices, of Australian homeowners being robbed of:

due to poor installation practices.

ACIMA believes that poor installation practices are also seriously undermining Federal, State & Territory government plans to improve building energy efficiency in the residential housing market, aimed at lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

We have successfully lobbied for the urgent review of AS 3999 Bulk insulation installation standard, which should be completed by early 2009.

ACIMA installation guarantee

Unlike batt-type products, cellulose is guaranteed by your ACIMA member to meet all Australian & New Zealand residential insulation standards.

Other reasons why you should choose cellulose insulation

Choose cellulose - the most environmentally friendly and guaranteed best performing residential ceiling insulation.


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